Our Share, and Your Questions


I have two things to share with you.

First, on May 22nd, we’re going to have a very special offering, a time for extra special generosity, to raise funds to pay our ministry shares. Ministry shares are our biggest mission giving, supporting everything from Africa University and seminary scholarships to community ministries in Grand Rapids. This year, our church’s share is over $28,000, and we’re hoping to pay it all with the help of this Sunday of generosity. Soon you’ll receive a letter giving more information and encouraging you to give with a special generosity on May 22. See you then!

Here’s the second thing:

In a couple of weeks, I’m going to take a few days out of town to plan my messages for the next year, from July through June. I did this last May for the first time, and it’s been enormously helpful to me through the year. Planning ahead means that I can make sure that I cover in a year a wide range of issues and questions. I plan ahead, to make sure I spend a good number of weeks teaching about the Bible, some on personal issues, some on social issues (like our current series on the Social Principles), and a few weeks talking about what it means to be the church. I’m thankful to the Staff-Pastor-Parish committee (the committee that evaluates me and gives me guidance), because they’ve seen the importance of taking this time for this important purpose.

This November and December, I hope to have a series on your questions. That means, of course, that I need you to send me your questions below in the comment box, or by email at pastorjeremywilliams@gmail.com. Hearing your questions is also helpful because it gives me a better idea where you are, and that helps shape my messages all year through.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Pastor Jeremy

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