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600 East Michigan Avenue, Albion, MI 49224; 517 629 9425

Worship in Wesley Chapel, under the archway, at 10 a.m. on Sunday

Childcare is provided for small children.

Sunday classes for adults following worship.

Come early for coffee and snacks.

Office hours: Monday-Thursday 8-1:30.

There’s been a Methodist Church in Albion since 1836. We came to this location by the college in 1958, and still we have a close relationship with Albion College, a traditionally United Methodist institution. The United Methodist Church is an international organization, growing fastest in Africa and Asia. When we started, we were called the Methodist Episcopal Church, begun in the late 18th century under the leadership of John Wesley, who was an Anglican priest in England. We were called the Methodist Church for a few decades in the middle of the 20th century. Learn a lot more about the denomination at umc.org.

Difficult questions and different ideas are welcomed among us. People who aren’t sure about Christian traditions, who come from other backgrounds, who are rich or poor, country or city people, of any race, of any ability, of any gender and sexual identity, are welcome here. Please let us know how we can welcome you better.We’re a place where the community gets together for all kinds of events, especially in Tennant Hall.

Worship here is a mix of many things: old songs and new songs, choir and an acoustic band, a message from a preacher, and times for asking questions and talking. If you grew up Lutheran or Catholic or Episcopalian, you’ll find us very unstructured. If you grew up Pentecostal, you’ll think we’re pretty formal.

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