Choices, choices, choices

Every free and fair election leaves a lot of people disappointed. Despite our threats, most of us will neither move to Canada nor take up arms against the government if it doesn’t go our way. We’ll stick around and muddle through, as we have always done. And four years from now, when we look back, we will likely see that neither our fondest hopes nor our darkest fears have come true. But most of you have nevertheless made a choice, informed by some deep truths about who you are and how you see the world.

In the midst of making your own choices, you may have been surprised to see that other people have made different choices–just as passionately, just as dogmatically, just as righteously, as you. How can they think differently than I do? How can they overlook the evils of the candidate they like? How can they want this program, this policy, this personality, instead of the one I value?

Surprise! Christians are profoundly different from one another! Think how God must feel, trying to communicate to each of us in a way we understand! Yet every time we get together to worship, we manage to sit together with people who apparently are very different from ourselves, and joke together, and ask after one another’s concerns, and love one another as friends and neighbors. Good thing we don’t have to live on Facebook and Reddit all the time! Instead we make the choice to come together and be a community–the kind of community that people like presidential candidates can’t even imagine! I choose that every time.

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