The Four Loves, by C.S. Lewis

cover225x225In 1960, CS Lewis published The Four Loves. Starting November 6, Jeremy will give four messages, one for each of the four loves that Lewis talks about. We also will have conversations about the book after worship. Copies are available for sale in the church office, or show up for the conversation and pick one up there.

A book that’s fifty-six years old certainly shows its age, but it’s not hard to recognize our own experience in his conversation. Lewis is one of the most important and well-known Christian writers of the twentieth century, most famous for the Narnia series, and other spiritual classics, such as A Grief Observed.

November 6Affection (from the Greek word storgē). This word doesn’t appear much in the Bible, but it’s a great way to talk about the feeling between people who are familiar with one another, like family members, church friends, and people we have coffee with.

November 13Friendship (from the Greek philos). There is a great intimacy between close friends, the people who share the most real and profound conversations. This is something that most people in modern times don’t get enough of! Where is this kind of friendship in the Bible? The friendship of David and Jonathan in 1 Samuel is a great example, and also Jesus saying to his disciples in John that they were now his friends (John 15:12-17).

November 20Desire (from the Greek eros). Here is the beginning of romance, of sexual desire, but also what Augustine said was the right way to talk about our love for God! And if there’s anything that confuses us today about relationships, this is probably it! The word doesn’t appear in Greek in the Bible, but desire sure is present anyway, especially in the Song of Solomon (Song of Songs), and lots of stories.

November 27–This week we interrupt the series, because Jeremy is away for Thanksgiving with family. Rev. David Habicht brings the message. This is also the first Sunday in Advent, the season of getting ready for Christmas.

December 4Charity (from the Greek agapē). What God has for us, and the most common word for love in the New Testament, in all of Jesus’ famous sayings about love. Christmas is getting closer, and we really need to remember what love isn’t, as well as what it is!

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