Haiti needs our help


Dear Friends,
Last week, Hurricane Matthew, a Category 4 storm with sustained winds of 145 mph, smashed through the Caribbean and on to our nation’s coast leaving in its path a wake of death and destruction. Haiti was one of the worst places of damage. The death toll is expected to surpass 1000, with over 95% of structures in the path of the storm totally destroyed. The Haitian people are living outside with little food and no clean water. First responders are already reporting the outbreak of Cholera. We must pray for all those lost and affected, but we can also help.


Yesterday, the Michigan Area Haiti Task Force met to formulate a caring and compassionate response. It is a natural response to want to travel to Haiti to help or send supplies, however, the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) and all relief agencies are urging us to only send funds at this time. For that reason, I urge our Michigan Area congregations to take an offering this Sunday or a date soon supporting UMCOR’s international relief fund Advance #982450. You can also make individual donations by clicking on the button below.

Once first response needs are met, the Michigan Area Haiti Task Force will announce other ways we can help. Watch our website MichiganUMC.org and Facebook for details. Please continue to pray for the people affected by Hurricane Matthew. Let us also offer gifts of compassion for the people of Haiti.

Grace and Peace,

Bishop David Alan Bard

Photo courtesy Simon Kim via UMNS

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