Move-in weekend

The traffic light is back on across from Wesley Hall. The parking lots are full again. As soon as their rooms are put together, students will be crossing Hannah Street to Baldwin, running in packs past the park, and, of course, desperately trying to find the right group of friends, to last four years. And classes, of course.

We get a pretty good view of this from the church. We’re practically across the street from Wesley, in the great big brick building attached to the college’s own Goodrich Chapel.

Like you, we’d like to make some new friends among all the new folks coming to town this weekend! It’s really not just that we want you to come and worship with us at 10 a.m. on Sundays, though that’d be great. It’s really that we want to be there for you, as you make some big steps in your life. We’ve got people who’ve been there, who’ve seen other students come and go over the years, who know a lot of what you’re going through. We’ve got open-minded people who welcome everyone, who’ll take you out to lunch, who’ll take the time to talk, to be friends and extra family for you. We have acoustic worship, thoughtful discussions, Bible studies, and potlucks (there’s one coming up next Sunday, the 28th, after worship).

You might have left your home town behind for the semester, but this is our home town, and we want to welcome you.

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