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Meet Jesus Again

A series of messages to help focus on the very center of our Christian message, as we find it in the Gospel of Matthew. This would be a great series for bringing a friend who has left the church and Christianity behind, who has grave doubts about this faith. We will “Meet Jesus Again.” This is a five-week series, ending on Memorial Day weekend.

mangerApril 23: Illegitimate. Just think about that! Jesus, the most famous child ever conceived out of wedlock! The label probably stuck with him his whole life, especially around his home town. Key texts: Matthew 1:18-25; 13:53-58.

p21_The boy Jesus visits Jerusalem#1#April 30: Jesus and His Family. In case you thought that yours was the only messed up family, meet Jesus and his family, who came to get him because they thought he was crazy, and then he claimed that they weren’t his real family at all. Matthew 12:43-50.



Rabbi JesusMay 7: Rabbi. That’s what people called Jesus most of the time. It means “Teacher.” But it specifically means that he’s a specialist in interpreting Scripture. Matthew 15:1-20. A good job for someone who’s also called the “Word of God.”

christcrownedMay 14: Messiah. It was a big deal when Peter told Jesus that he was, among other things, the Messiah. It was a huge concept in Judaism of Jesus’ time, but what does it mean to us? Matthew 16:13-20.

May 21 Jeremy is on vacation.


saviorMay 28: Savior. That’s a word we hear all the time among Christians, but what does it mean, anyway? Different biblical books talk about it differently, but Jesus talks about it in pretty clear terms in Matthew 19:23-30 and 21:1-11.

June 4: Jeremy is away at Annual Conference.


IMG_20160517_164841622June 11 is Jeremy’s last Sunday in Albion. So what does a preacher talk about on the last Sunday? Well, the title is “This Church, This Place, This Time.”  Come and find out. There’s a party with food afterward in Tennant Hall. Please come!